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Gillian Lynne Theatre Seating Plan

Gillian Lynne Theatre seating plan

The Gillian Lynne Theatre is one of the West End's newest venues. The seating plan owes a lot to ancient amphitheatres, with the vast circular stage and seating set into half moon shapes. This means some seats look side-on to the stage. On the other hand because the auditorium takes its shape from the stage some performances deliver an amazing view to those in these side seats, making them great value for money.

The stalls

Spread across two levels, the majority of the Gillian Lynne Theatre's seats are in the stalls, by far the best place from which to enjoy the action. The very best seats in the stalls are the middle section seats of rows E-I, offering the finest views of the stage with a price tag to match, but in general the stalls provide excellent unimpeded views.

The circle

The Circle is narrow and seriously curved, with many seats offering side views of the stage. There's also a safety bar and lighting rig, both of which can block the stage views if you're sitting at the front of the circle. Seats at the beginning and end sections of rows A and B are sold as restricted view tickets. Seats A 72-77 and B 77- 84 are medium-priced and the view from these seats is a bit better than the far side of the auditorium. On the other hand they can still suffer restricted views because of the lighting rig.

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