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Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella

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Thursday, 19 August 2021

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Sunday, 12 June 2022

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Young Couples:

Loved it!
Amazing and immersive!
Jo, 06 Jun 2022
Shame it's going to Broadway
Show is good, different twist on Cinderella, recommend dor children over 10.
Pauline, 05 Jun 2022
Cinderella updated!
A fun, witty, amusingly inclusive update on the original cinderella story.
Cara, 02 Jun 2022
A Different Take on the Cinderella Story
The performance of Cinderella was excellently performed. The stage and some of the seating were interesting designed, the sets were creative and lovely, costumes were great, colorful and appropriate for the characters. The actors acted and sang well. Production values were very good and the lighting and tech work were superb. The music was typically Andrew Lloyd Webber's, though I am not sure I heard particularly memorable numbers. The story line seemed a bit contrived but it definitely was a different take on the Cinderella story. While the show as a whole is appropriate for anyone, some of the sexual innuendos were fortunately over the heads of the younger children in the audience for whom they were inappropriate.
James, 01 Jun 2022
Must see. Music was good. It a fun night out
Really good show. But not for little kids.
Julie, 23 May 2022
Amazing performance
We loved every bit of the show and had superb seats. Totally loved the stalls at the front moving round. Have never experienced seeing that and so unexpected. The costumes were outstanding and the quality of singing. We had 4 seats Circle D 49-52.
Sue, 22 May 2022
Stylish retell if a classic story
Good fun show, great costumes . Loved the stage moving to an in the round setting for the ball.
Graham, 22 May 2022
Much better than anticipated - would recommend
Wanted to see this just because it's by ALW rather than for the story, and so glad we did. Cast were all outstanding but the technical aspects raised this above many other shows; the wonderful revolving stage which came as a complete surprise, lighting which didn't shine straight into your eyes and above all the excellent clarity of the sound - so often over-loud or distorted even in the West-End.
Janet, 19 May 2022
God bless the stepmother and sisters for keeping the pace
Expected more from ALWs Cinderella to be honest. The story was modern but fairly poorly linked … a lot of dei ex machina (i.e. the modern fairy godmother - twice). Story was slow and rather incoherent. Thanks to the ab-fab stepmother as well as sisters, the show was lifted to a West End standard again.
Rens, 05 May 2022
Brilliant, funny, great music
A great evening out for all the family, we loved it very funny and great music
Claire, 23 Apr 2022
Must see
The show was excellent, throughly enjoyable & totally different to any Cinderella's you may have watch before. I would strongly recommend that it's a must see show.
BRIAN, 11 Apr 2022
Cinderella Fairytale 2022
What a refreshing modern day version of this classic fairytale. Such a good vibe in and outside theatre which is beautiful & intimate. Loved it ?
Dahbo, 08 Apr 2022
A unexpected gem
Wasn’t sure what to expect as Cinderella can be a bit sugary but what an amazing surprise. This was so good. A real updating of a classic tale. Went home buzzing with how much I enjoyed the show.
Ann, 08 Apr 2022
Great musical
Fabulous scenery costumes and music. This twist on Cinderella was worth the wait. Surprise ending! Beautiful singing and the revolving stage was spectacular! A great show
Jill, 29 Mar 2022
A must see
Fantastic performance from all the cast Had we known about the revolving stage and the audience seats we would have booked downstairs very exciting to see We were the last to leave the theatre didn't want the show to end Do go and be part of a wonderful show
Diana, 27 Mar 2022
Did Not Enjoy
My husband and I left half way through.
Tracy, 21 Mar 2022
good show
it’s okay but the tickets to expensive for this show…. cinderella has to be more pretty.
husain, 19 Mar 2022
Second time of seeing show
This is our second visit the first was on opening night Such a fun show with great actors and singers
Dawn, 16 Mar 2022
Creative staging, great lead vocals from all of the main characters.
The staging had some great surprises. All of the lead vocalists were amazing. Great plot twist. Very emotional. It's not a Disney Cinderella, so be aware there is a bit of bad language. Overall we thoroughly enjoyed it. Must see.
Christopher, 13 Mar 2022
First half was enjoyable but not outstanding. During the interval a lady fell down some stairs so second half didn’t happen. Hope to see it again sometime.
John, 12 Mar 2022
New twist on an old story
Really loved this novel twist on a traditional story - it was great fun. Costumes were gorgeous and all of the leads were tremendous
Lesley, 05 Mar 2022
The songs are not known so the audience could not interact. The moments of Cinderella and Sebasuan were too melancholic and not exciting enough
Luciana, 05 Mar 2022
Well worth seeing ....
Excellent show...The cast were amazing...singing and dancing cinderella was a fab singer ...Sgow was very entertaining ... Very funny in parts A lovely show for all the family ?
Mary, 27 Feb 2022
Brilliant show
Awesome. Close to the knuckle in some places but just awesome.
Stephen, 20 Feb 2022
Entertaining but did not like the changes to the real Cinderella story
Zora, 18 Feb 2022
The performance was full of energy and the staging was excellent. The performers had strong voices and were talented dancers. What set this show apart was the clarity of the singing which meant every word was audible. There was a clever and unexpected twist to this classic tale at the end. Genius!
Helen, 17 Feb 2022
Escapism at its best
Great story line and fabulous music
Jeanne, 16 Feb 2022
Funny and unexpected
The staging in the second half was genius! Loved the funny parts and the costumes. Overall the singing was fantastic! Leading lady was superb. Well done everyone
Charlotte, 16 Feb 2022
Thoroughly enjoyed Cinderella
Just loved the music the acting the songs Everything about the show. Not really suitable for young children even though the title may lead parents to think it is.
Glynis, 12 Feb 2022
A must see show
A fantastic musical well worth going to see
Amanda, 09 Feb 2022
Excellent Show For 12 and Above
No good or bad fairy, mice or shiny carriage, but oh what an excellent performance from all the other main characters we all know so well from the traditional Xmas offerings of this well loved tale. The Queen and the ugly sisters stepmother were perfectly pitched against each other, as were the ugly sisters. Cinderella was a little dwarfed by these two pairs of characters.. but the show was colourful, flowed well, plenty of stage craft , and delightful music. Would suggest that this musical is best suited for 12 and above. And don’t bring them if they are expecting a traditional pantomime of boo and hisses, and a bag of sweets for the lucky view. But take everyone else. A lovely colourful show. We had a most enjoyable evening.
John, 25 Nov 2021
Clever new creation on an original fairy tale!
Cast acting excellent and the musical brought humour to a classic story line. A surprise in the second half of the performance made the show even more enjoyable for the audience and the whole show was truly amazing.
Joanna, 18 Nov 2021
Day out in london
Really enjoyed Cinderella,lively and the singing was amazing.
Joanne, 29 Oct 2021
A bit weird not as expected
Julie, 28 Oct 2021
Wow, no words for how amazing this show is! I would go every day!!
Emma Lucy, 23 Oct 2021
So good! Best new musical in a while!
Carrie was amazing, not to mention literally any other actor, the costumes were outstanding so beautiful. Must see!
Lucca, 23 Oct 2021
Creative, Sensational and fun.
Really loved the story, beautiful songs, sent tingles through me. Really nice theatre, don’t think anyone’s view was blocked, nicely organised for everyone. Love the moveing stage.
Angela, 17 Oct 2021
Absolutely magical
Magical. The talents of everyone of them is unreal. I love musical.and appreciate every effort made by the artist. Mesmerising to say the least.
kareshmah, 23 Aug 2021